Can Recessed Lighting Touch Insulation

recessed lighting installationA good look and design might not always be associated with efficiency. As homeowners, we want to be proud of our homes and we want to show them off to family, friends, and neighbors. The lighting in our homes should be modest unless you’re trying to display a beautiful lamp. The ideal range of an energy bill is low but that doesn’t mean we should cut corners.

Recessed lighting is a great choice if you want unobtrusive and energy efficient lighting but it can become very got. When turned on, a recessed light fixture produces a lot of heat inside the housing. This, in turn, makes the housing, which is located inside the ceiling, hot itself. Since recessed lighting is installed inside the ceiling, there is a chance that it may come into contact with insulation. This can often lead to fire hazards if not installed properly.

Fortunately, there is a solution. IC-rated recessed can lights are built with an outer wall that protects against any combustions that may occur if insulation were to come into contact with the housing.

What if you already have recessed lighting installed?

If you are unsure what type of recessed lighting you have installed and are worried it may be a potential fire hazard, it might be best to contact a local electrician. The electrician will be able to determine if the lighting you have is IC-rated, if it’s too close to the insulation, and if you need new lighting installed. You can also check yourself. Simply find the tag on the housing unit to see if it says “Type IC” or “Non-IC”. If you’re lighting is IC-rated, you are good to go. If not, you need to find out if it is too close to the insulation or not. If you have an accessible attic space, you can do this easily. If not, it may require a little more finesse.

If you do not already have IC-rated recessed lighting and the fixtures are close to the insulation, you have two choices: remove the insulation or contact an electrician for help. Unfortunately, removing the insulation might not be the best solution as you are messing with your home’s environment. Contacting an electrician for advice is the best bet here. They will be able to provide you with solutions that best fit your needs and that will keep your home safe.

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