Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel? – Los Angeles

los angeles panel upgradeToday’s homes are energy vampires. We wake up in the morning, turn on the coffee pot, all the lights, maybe turn on the TV to catch the news. We have become so accustomed to having electricity, it doesn’t even cross our minds how the process of powering our homes work. Unfortunately, if we don’t learn, when something goes wrong, we won’t be able to fix it. As our need for energy grows, so must the ways we get power.

All of the power supplying your house can be found in a little metal box called the electrical panel, or main panel, or breaker box – it has a lot of names. Inside this box, you can find different things based on what type of panel you have.

In modern homes, you will find switches called circuit breakers. These circuit breakers start and stop the flow of electricity from the outside source to the different areas in your home. Think of when the power last went out in your home. You might have had to go out to find the electrical panel to flip back on the breaker. When the circuit breaker detects an anomaly it will trip off the breaker to protect your home from any damages.

If you don’t have circuit breakers, you might find fuses. This could potentially be dangerous. Unlike circuit breakers, fuses will not trip if they sense a problem. This could cause a problem that may result in a fire. If you have fuses in your panel, you might want to contact an electrician to see if you need a panel upgrade.

You may be asking yourself, “what other things call for a panel upgrade?” Well, there are quite a few things you can check out if you think you might need an upgrade:

Your home’s age – If you have an older home, it might be time for a panel upgrade, especially if you haven’t had one within the last decade. Older homes were not equipped to handle the loads we demand today which means that the panel problem isn’t supplying enough power. An electrician can help you determine if that is the case. Most likely you will have to upgrade from a 60amp panel to 100amp or 200amp panel. This will allow you to have more devices connected in your home.

Addition of large appliances – If you are adding a large appliance that will require a lot of power, such as a new dryer, refrigerator, or car charger, you may need to upgrade your panel or add a dedicated circuit. Again, this is an issue of not having enough power in your main electrical panel.

Frequently tripping breakers – As mentioned above, when your breakers trip, they’re protecting you from harm because there has been an anomaly detected. Too many tripped breakers could mean there is something wrong. A professional electrician can help you determine if there is something wrong with the circuit breaker or if you need to upgrade your panel.

Regardless of what is going on, if you think you need to have your panel upgraded, contact a professional electrician to help you determine the case. They will assess your situation and give you recommendations on what is the best course of action.

Whether you want us to rewire your entire home, or fix a single electrical outlet, The Electric Connection in Los Angeles will provide you with excellent services from skilled, licensed electricians.