Replacing Dangerous Wiring by Glendale Electrician

One of the biggest fears a homeowner can have is the thought of losing their house to a fire. Home fires are far too common. All it takes is a small mistake or a little accident to create a horribly devastating fire that destroys all of the world possessions a family owns. One of the leading causes of a home fire can be blamed on faulty wiring. This is generally through no fault of the homeowner. There are nearly 375,000 house fires each year. There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of your home catching fire explains an electrician in Glendale. You can count on The Electric Connection team to provide you with more information related to electrical fires.

1. More than half of the fires in homes is caused by cooking. Be extra careful when using grease and always ensure the stove and oven are off when you go to bed or leave the house. Be attentive anytime you are cooking.
2. Heating is the second leading cause. If using a woodstove or fireplace, ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained.
3. Electric wiring that is old should be inspected by a Glendale electrician. Cloth-insulated wiring is outdated and unsafe and should be replaced.
4. Have a whole home electrical safety inspection completed by an electrician. Glendale homeowners will get a detailed report of potential hazards as well as things that absolutely should be addressed right away to prevent an accident.
5. Have working smoke detectors in every room. Consider hard-wired smoke detectors as well that are more effective at alerting the entire home to a fire.

Due diligence and being a little more attentive can help prevent fires in the home. If you would like an inspection of your wiring or need a quote for electrical repairs needed to make your home safer, give The Electric Connection a call today.