Hardwired Smoke Detectors a Bonus says Electrician in Santa Monica

If you are tired of replacing the batteries in your smoke detector every few months, you need to learn more about hard-wired smoke detectors installed by an electrician in Santa Monica. Although we are often reminded to change those batteries every six months, things happen, life gets busy, and we forget. We forget until about 2 in the morning when the device chirps to let you know it needs a new battery. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all of that and still keep your home and family protected? The Electric Connection can help you add a layer of safety to your home by installing new hard-wired smoke detectors.

Hard-wired smoke detectors are not just more convenient. They are actually a little more reliable than the kinds that are solely battery powered. It isn’t often you lose power, which means your smoke detectors will always be functioning. If you do lose power, the battery back up in each detector will keep your home protected. Another benefit to this particular kind of smoke detector is the fact all the detectors in the home are interconnected. When the first sign of smoke sets off an alarm anywhere in the house, all of the detectors will start beeping.

This is extremely beneficial to the residents in the home. It adds several, precious seconds to call the fire department or escape the house. Because the detectors are wired directly into a home’s Santa Monica electrical system, you will need a licensed electrician to complete the job. This ensures your smoke detectors are being installed correctly and are not creating a hazard caused by faulty wiring. Your homeowner’s insurance may offer a discount for homes, especially two-story homes that have hard-wired smoke detectors installed. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your installation.