Electric Safety Tips for Children by Los Angeles Electrician

bigstockphoto_Happy_Baby_Under_Clouds_153604Summer days are the time to be outside enjoying the sun and warmth. Kids love to play outside and take advantage of their days being free. However, in our very technological world, kids tend to be “plugged in” a lot. All those electronic toys can be great fun, but as adults know, electronics and water don’t mix. Water play is a big part of summer. It is important to teach kids some important lessons about enjoying summer days outside around electricity. A Los Angeles electrician has a few tips to help you keep your kids safe this summer. You can rely on The Electric Connection to provide you with more information should you need it.

*Trees that are near power lines should never be climbed. Parents should point out the power lines near trees and explain how a falling branch could catch a live line and cause serious injury.

*Avoid building tree houses or raised play houses around power lines.

*If you have a backyard pool, make sure the electrical outlets are far enough away from the pool that there is not an electrocution hazard. Educate the kids about bringing in the gadgets that may be plugged in. This applies to the hot tub as well.

*Ensure there are enough outlets outside for any appliances to avoid running extension cords across the patio or yard. If you need more outlets, contact an electrician. Los Angles homeowners can have additional outlets installed outside to accommodate your electrical needs.

*Discourage children from throwing anything at power lines or utility poles.

*Remind children kites should only be flown in areas that are free of power lines.

*Children should never attempt to climb utility poles.

These tips can help save lives. Always set a good example when working around electricity. If you have any questions or would like to have outdoor outlets installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.