Outdoor Security Enhanced with Spotlights with Electrician in Glendale

Outdoor lighting is often overlooked by homeowners who are more focused on their indoor lighting needs. A few lights set in the landscape are nice, but it doesn’t often do enough to properly light an area to provide adequate security. Many people will settle for a security light over the front door or the garage door and call it good. That does little good for the far corners of the yard or pathways around the garage or what not. An electrician in Glendale can help you enhance the security of your yard. You can count on The Electric Connection to make sure your yard is well lit.

Spotlights can be placed in the yard to shed light on a specific area like a fountain, a gorgeous rose bush or even a statue. The spotlights can be solar or electric-powered. The latter is preferable, especially for areas that are shady. The lights are brighter than a standard pathway light and light up a broader area. A row of spotlights along a pathway in the backyard is perfect for adding a layer of safety.

Patio areas will benefit from additional lighting. The standard porch light tends to only light up the area closest the door, while the rest of the patio is swathed in darkness. String lights are a popular choice and can enhance the overall look of the patio. You can add festive-colored light strings or romantic twinkle lights. In either situation, you will need to have your Glendale electrical system beefed up a bit to accommodate the light strings. Your electrician can install an extra outlet for you to plug the string lights into. This ensures you are not overloading an existing outlet and still have an outlet available to plug in a fan or other electrical device. Give The Electric Connection a call today and help make your outdoor area a little safer.