Summer is the Season for Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your home electrical system with your very own solar panel installation, there is no better time than summer. Here are a few reasons to make those dreams a reality.

The first is that you’ll get the best performance out of your system when the sun is shining the most. Of course, your solar array is going to give you energy savings all year long, especially in sunny southern California but in the summer, you’ll see impressive results right away that will really show you the potential of home solar power.

Without the threat of inclement weather preparing your home and installing your new system is much faster, translating to a more painless process for you. It also means that we have more jobs in the summer, so you might need a little advance scheduling. But all that is beside the biggest reason that you should pursue a solar panel installation:

The sooner you get solar at your home, the sooner you can start saving.

As you know, power prices increase all the time, with an average increase of around five percent a year. While municipal power increases, solar power provides a point of stability for your energy bill. Your solar power will always cost the same amount, so every time municipal power increases, your savings do too.

And with generous tax rebates and solar leasing agreements, you can establish an impressively low cost investment on your solar panel installation. You might even qualify for no down payment. You pay the cost of installation and parts over the life of your solar panel, even as you see instant deductions in your power bill.

As you can see, taking action now translates to intense savings for years to come. Don’t wait another minute. Let us help you take charge of you energy and financial future this summer.

5 Ways to Be More Green by Electrician in California

electricon_06_7It feels good to do something good for our neighborhood and the people we spend time with every day, even if it is from a distance. Doing the right thing and helping out in your little corner of the world gives you a sense of belonging, accomplishment and a little pride. You are doing your part to make the world better. You don’t have to be a trailblazer, a celebrity or someone who is given accolades to truly make a difference. An electrician in California has a few tips for you to use that will have a positive impact on the environment. You can leave the world a little greener. Encouraging your friends and family to follow these practices makes your impact that much bigger. At The Electric Connection, we hope to work with you to make things better.

Going green is trendy. It is cool to be green. Check out some of the things you can do in your house to be a little more green.

1-Turn the AC up 2 degrees and the heater down 2 degrees. Use a ceiling fan installed by an electrician to keep the room feeling cool without using nearly as much electricity.

2-Make it a goal to shorten your hot showers by at least 2 minutes everyday.

3-Use a stand to dry your clothes on the patio, deck or even in a room in the house that tends to be warm. An outside clothesline is also an option.

4-Quit leaving your lights, televisions and music players on when you are not using them!

5-Buy a solar charger and use it to charge your cell phone, laptop and tablet. Consider this baby steps to switching to solar power.

Becoming more energy efficient doesn’t necessarily mean you sit in the dark or don’t use hot water. You can still be energy conscientious without really changing the way you do things today. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need a new ceiling fan installed.

Alternative Energy Explained by Los Angeles Electrician

electricon1_5-16Have you been mulling over your electric bill and dreaming of it just going away? Then you remember you like lights and hot showers and your microwave and you pay the bill. Cutting your electrical bill in half or making it disappear altogether is a possibility when you switch over to renewable energy. You can’t go anywhere today or read a paper or magazine without seeing or hearing the term. What is renewable energy? An electrician in Los Angeles is prepared to explain the ins and outs. If you still have questions, you can call The Electric Connection.

Renewable energy is any type of energy that comes from something that will always be replenished. It won’t run out. Currently, our world depends on coal, gas and oil. These things cannot be produced. Once they are gone, they are gone. The natural resources will run out one day, which is why there is such a huge push for renewable energy sources. A Los Angeles electrician can explain the different kinds of renewable energy in more detail. With technology constantly advancing, there always seems to be some new and improved way to harness the energy from renewable resources.

The most common form of renewable energy that is used for residential purposes is solar. The energy from the sun is harnessed and converted into the electricity your home needs. Cities are currently using wind turbines to generate the electricity needed for their needs. These turbines turn when the wind blows. The spinning blades produce energy that is transformed into electricity. It isn’t unheard of for a home to have its own personal turbine to produce the energy needed to power the home. It can all be a bit technical, but you can leave it all up to an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners who want to learn more about renewable energy can call The Electric Connection.

Outside Lighting with Your Pasadena Electrician

electricon5_2-16Your landscaping is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house and the last thing they see when they leave. Lighting can make or break the way your house looks and feels. A dark, dreary house is going to look uninviting to some, but will look very inviting for those who will take advantage of the darkness. It is important you make your home inviting as well as safe with the installation of landscape and security lighting by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can rely on The Electric Connection to help them transform their home’s yard into one that is beautiful and safe.

There are plenty of options when it comes to lighting up your yard and landscaping. You can choose to go with nice and bright or low and subtle. Mounted security lights are an excellent option and can easily be installed by your Pasadena electrician. Many of these lights are equipped with motion sensors. As soon as you step outside or pull your car into the driveway, the area will be flooded with light. This means you won’t have to worry about fumbling in the dark while you look for a switch.

Pathway lights and lights that shine on a particularly special point of interest in the yard are also excellent options. These add a layer of safety as well as make it look a little nicer. Solar lights are easily placed, but your electrician in Pasadena will tell you electric lights are a little more reliable. They also stay bright throughout the night while many of the solar lights will fade and become dim by the wee hours of the morning. Electric lights give you full control and will last for years. Give The Electric Connection a call today and get your outdoor lighting installed before spring arrives.

Alternative Power an Option with Electrician in Southern California

electricon7_1-16It is no secret power is becoming more expensive. It is a premium service, but it is something we have all come to depend on a great deal. Our lives without power is an unfathomable thought. Our dependency on the power grid is a little scary. Government powers realize we are headed towards disaster if we don’t come up with some other ways of providing the power we need to our homes and businesses. Alternative power is something that has been talked about for decades, but in the last few years it is something that has become increasingly popular with residents all across the country. The team at The Electric Connection understands the need to get on board the renewable energy train and are here to help.

Many homeowners are taking the leap into alternative energy. Having solar panels installed or giving the wind turbines a shot is something almost any homeowner can do. However, they will still need the services of an electrician in Southern California to equip their home with the necessary devices and equipment to harness the energy from the sun or wind. From there, the energy will be transformed to electricity for the home. This will require some additional wiring and what not that must be completed by a certified electrician.

There is certainly going to be an initial investment when you make the switch, but the savings in the months to years to come is going to offset the cost. You will also have the peace of mind knowing you have a backup power source and are not completely reliant on the main power grid. The fact you are doing something good for the environment is also a big bonus. If you are taking the initiative and adding alternative power to your home, give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your installation appointment.

Preparing for Power Outages with Beverly Hills Electrician

electriccon_2As the temperatures get cooler, Californians are going to be turning on the heat. Cold nights means a lot more people are going to be relying on their furnaces and space heaters to take the chill off. These things are electricity hogs and can quickly tax the power grid. This combined with poor weather in general can lead to a power outage. The outage may last a couple of hours of be much longer and really wreak havoc on your daily schedule as well as basic duties like making a meal, cleaning the house or taking a hot shower. Your Beverly Hills electrician has some tips to help you prepare for a temporary power outage. The team at The Electric Connection knows how much of an inconvenience living without electricity can be and hopes to help you ride it out in relative comfort.

*Your best option is to have a standby generator installed by an electrician in Beverly Hills. This ensures you always have a back up source of power and never have to go without. The generators are enclosed in a box, which helps reduce noise. You won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining about the noisy generator.

*Putting together a kit that includes essentials like spare batteries, flashlights, emergency candles, matches and a solar charger for your phone and other gadgets will save you a lot of frustration. The solar chargers are relatively inexpensive and ensure your phone, laptop and tablet will get charged.

*Put together a little box of goodies that you can eat without worrying about heating the food up. Things like crackers, energy bars and a couple cans of beans will give you something to munch on while you wait for the power to be restored. Don’t forget the manual can opener.

Power outages are rarely very long, but even an hour without electricity can throw you off a bit. Avoid dealing with it by talking with an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners who invest in a standby generator will never have to worry about eating cold beans for dinner. Give The Electric Connection a call today to learn more about generators and preparing for power outages.

Fall Outdoor Lighting with Beverly Hills Electrician

electriccon_09_2The air is changing, the kids are back to school and it won’t be long before we embark on the busy holiday season. With the rush to get the kids to school, attending various sports events and keeping up with life in general, your landscaping and upkeep will likely take a back seat. With summer coming to an end, outdoor barbecues and family football games will be few and far between. However, on those rare events when you do have some downtime and want to enjoy the outdoors, you will need outdoor lighting. Your electrician in Beverly Hills can help you with that. The team at The Electric Connection knows how important your time is and is ready to help you take care of your outdoor lighting project.

With the fall and winter seasons, daylight is in short supply. Having adequate outdoor lighting becomes a necessity. It isn’t something you can actually do without. A Beverly Hills electrician can complete the installation of electric lights around your landscaping and in areas where there is high traffic. Your front walkway area, driveway and back patio or deck are all places that will be a little safer and more inviting with light. Lighting up your shrubs is also a safety measure that ensures animals and humans are not lurking in the darkness.

Solar lights are quick and easy, but they simply do not provide the steady, bright electric lights that are installed by an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will appreciate the clean look a professional installation brings. The ease of having a timer installed on the lights is another benefit to hiring an electrician. A timer ensures the lights are on when you get home. You don’t have to walk through the dark to turn them on. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your outdoor lighting installation.

Save Money and Save the Planet with an Electrician in Los Angeles

electriccon_06_1Every month we hear more about our failing earth. Whether you buy into all of the theories or not, it isn’t hard to deny the abuse we impose on Mother Earth. We know things are reaching a breaking point. It is time to make some changes before things get so bad, there is no going back. Although it may seem like a daunting task to save the world, you don’t have to look at the big picture. Focus on your little corner. Focus on making a few changes around your house and you can save the planet that way. Every little bit helps. An electrician in Los Angeles has some tips to help you do just that. The team at The Electric Connection wants to help you do what you can by providing electrical services.

Check out some of the ways you can save money while saving the planet.

1-Switch to CFLs. Don’t put it off. Using less electricity will save you money while reducing the demand on natural resources.

2-Look into having your home switched to solar power. There are numerous tax breaks and incentives for homeowners who are willing to make the change. A Los Angeles electrician will hook up the system and you will start saving money on your electric bill in the first month.

3-Make your home heating and air conditioning more efficient by sealing up cracks around your windows and doors. Have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can reduce the demand on their furnaces and air conditioning units with ceiling fan installation.

4-Be conscientious when showering, brushing your teeth or running the washer or dishwasher. Conserve water by taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing and only running the washer when it is full.

Be kind to the planet and your wallet. Follow these quick and easy tips. If you need a ceiling fan installed or have questions about solar energy, call The Electric Connection today.

Updating Landscape Lighting with Santa Monica Electrician

blog_electricianIt is that time of year again! Spring is here and the flowers are starting to bloom as well as the trees. You are probably already dusting off your lawn furniture and getting ready for another season of mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. Don’t forget to take a look at your landscape lighting as well. There are probably some lights that need replacing or maybe you are considering adding more lights or replacing your solar lights with electric lights. No matter what the case is, you will want to hire an electrician in Santa Monica to get the job done right. The team at The Electric Connection is ready to help you get your landscape lighting in tip top condition so you can be proud of your yard this summer.

Landscape lighting has come a long way in the last decade. There are so many different kinds of lights to choose from you are sure to find something that fits your personality and style. You don’t have to stick with the typical lantern-style lighting lining your walkway. Go bold and add a little flair to your landscaping by choosing lights that are a little different from the norm, but still just as effective. Once you have chosen your style of lights, call your Santa Monica electrician. You will want to make sure the lights are installed properly and will work throughout the season. Electric lights tend to be more reliable than their solar counterparts. They can also be placed in shady places under shrubs and on the shady side of the house.

Because there are some electrical wires associated with electric landscape lights, it is best to have the job completed by a professional electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will feel better knowing it was done right and their home’s safety has not been compromised by incorrect wiring. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your landscape lighting install or upgrade.

Electric Bill Relief with Solar Panel Installation

iStock_000003087891SmallIf you have gotten that first heating bill this winter, you are probably considering the options available to reducing your electric bill. It may not only be about saving money for you. Maybe you are concerned about the strain on our natural resources and the devastating affect it is having on our environment. Whatever your reasons, solar panel installation may be the answer you are looking for. The Electric Connection can help you learn more about making the move to solar energy.

One of the biggest concerns people have with moving to solar energy is solar panels cost. Fortunately, it isn’t quite as expensive as you would think. While a complete system that will fully sustain a typical home can be as much as $20,000, you don’t have to pay that much. You can augment your current energy needs with solar installation. You can keep your home connected to the grid as a backup source. Solar installers will take care of hooking up your electric panel to the solar energy system.

There are plenty of companies who are willing to offer solar panels and the necessary components to homeowners on a lease arrangement. You can make monthly payments for the panels, which makes it much easier to afford. You will get the luxury of trying out solar energy and learning the quirks and if it is right for you and your family. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve when it comes to relying on the sun for your electricity instead of the main power grid. The entire family will have to make energy conservation a priority. Wasting the electricity you capture from the sun will leave you without or being forced to tap into the main power grid. Give The Electric Connection a call today to learn more about solar energy and how it can benefit you.