Storm Safety Revisited by Glendale Electrician

electriccon_4Fortunately, stormy weather days are behind us, but it is always a good idea to revisit storm safety. While you probably don’t have to worry about a thunder storm creeping up on you in the fall and winter, knowledge is power and keeping storm safety fresh in your mind will ensure you don’t forget it. These are a few tips from your Glendale electrician to keep in mind the next time you see thunder clouds building up. If you have any questions about these tips, give The Electric Connection a call.

*When a storm is building or you hear thunder in the distance, get out of the pool. Avoid being in the bathtub or shower as well. It can all wait.

*Unplug appliances, computers and chargers. This will ensure your expensive electronics are not damaged should lighting strike and come through the electrical wiring to your home.

*During a storm, avoid using any of your electronics. Do not touch outlets that may conduct electricity and shock you.

*Stay away from windows during a storm and don’t stand in an open doorway. Lighting can easily travel through the space.

*Consider having a whole house surge protector installed by an electrician in Glendale. The surge protectors will prevent the surge in electricity from damaging your appliances that may be plugged in, including your refrigerator.

*Don’t use a corded phone connected to a landline. Electricity can travel through the cord and shock you.

If you suspect your electric panel has been damaged by a storm, call an electrician. Glendale homeowners will need an experienced professional to deal with any damage that may have been caused by the storm. Replacing burnt wires or breakers that were damaged in the storm are a necessity. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your whole home surge protector installation to keep you and your home safe during the next lightning storm.