Electrical Considerations for Remodels Explained by Santa Monica Electrician

electriccon_06_6With summer weather driving you indoors where it is much cooler, you may be looking around the house and thinking you could change this or that to make it all a little better. Home remodels range from very minimal renovations to big changes that may include adding a room or completely removing walls. All of this will make your home a little more perfect for you and your family, but home remodels can be a lot of work. While small renovations are typically something the average homeowner will attempt to do on their own, an electrician in Santa Monica points out that even the smallest changes should be evaluated by an electrician. You can count on the team at The Electric Connection to send out an experienced electrician to handle the inspection for you.

When you hire a Santa Monica electrician to inspect the area you plan to remodel, you will get a good idea of the electrical work that is involved in the remodel. Often times, homeowners forget all about the electrical wiring that is needed with any renovation. During the inspection, you will be told what all is hiding behind the walls and what would need to happen to move the wiring. Things to consider are light fixtures, outlets and data lines. If you are planning on adding more outlets, your electrician will need to evaluate whether or not you have enough room in the breaker panel to do so.

Another important part of the inspection will be to determine the condition and age of your existing wiring. This is always a job for an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who live in homes that are more than 30 years old will appreciate the information. Outdated wiring could be a fire hazard. Upgrading the wiring will make your home safer while potentially saving you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your home inspection before you move forward with any remodeling plans.