What to Expect With a Home Renovation

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When you’re having your home renovated, whether in part or in full, the process will bring some upheaval into your life. There will be unexpected messes, costs, and inconveniences. Most of these can be managed with a bit of contingency planning, though. With all the challenges, doing a remodel can be a great opportunity to upgrade flooring, lighting, and even the air exchange in your home. Here are some tips from The Electric Connection to get you started!

Delays Happen

Even with the best planning, delays will happen. Your contractor and subcontractors will probably give you rough estimates of when the job will be started and completed. While they no doubt plan to make every effort to stay on track, many things can cause delays. The inability to get materials and supplies on time will bring any project to a halt. People get sick and sometimes have to take time off work. Make sure you have the necessary insurance and permits in place before the work starts. Sometimes unexpected findings can add more work and, therefore, more time required for the project. Discovering a mold issue, unsafe electrical wiring, or a plumbing leak could add days or weeks to the time needed. If you’re replacing windows or a roof, the weather may change the scheduling of the task.

Prepare for Inconvenience

Even if you’re having only a small closet rebuilt, there will be upheavals to your life and schedule. There will be additional noise, dirt, and dust. If the remodel involves the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, prepare for big changes while the work is underway. You might need to stay with a friend or family member for a while or seek lodging in a hotel. Specific rooms or the entire home may be without running water for a while. You can prepare for this by stocking the refrigerator with pitchers of water for drinking and cooking and filling the bathtub with water and a bucket, so the toilet can be flushed. If the work is happening in your kitchen, consider setting up a temporary kitchen area elsewhere, with a hot plate, microwave, coffee maker, and mini-fridge. If your pets normally have their water and food bowls in the area that is being renovated, move their dishes at least a week ahead of time so they can get used to the new location.

Expect Changes

Many contractors suggest budgeting for 20% more than the initial estimate. Expenses often go over the expected amount due to price increases in materials, unexpected problems uncovered in the structure, changes in preference, and the season during which the work is being done. Know that while the work is being done, your home will be messy, noisy, and possibly uncomfortable without heat or air conditioning. Although you and your contractor will plan in advance as much as possible, few projects go exactly according to plan. The results will likely not be perfect, but they can still be a very good and welcome change to your home.

Consider Adding a Home Office

While you’re planning renovations to your home, you might consider converting a space to a home office. This might take far less work than you imagine. It’s a good idea to locate the office as far from the high traffic living areas as possible, for less noise, and fewer interruptions. If you maximize natural light in your office, it may help you stay alert and focused. If natural light isn’t abundant, you’ll need to have overhead lighting installed, although having both options is ideal. Make sure that your office chair, desk, shelves, and cabinets are convenient and easy to reach.

A bit of money spent on the setup can prevent many aches, pains, and even injuries.

As you’re setting up your space to work from home, don’t forget that you can also use free online tools to streamline your daily operations and make your life a little easier. This could mean using social media to advertise your work, or taking advantage of this free PDF merger tool to help you keep your digital documents neatly organized and easily accessible.

A home renovation can be a big commitment of time, money, effort, and energy. You’ll be giving up privacy, peace and quiet, cleanliness, and convenience while the project is underway. With all the trouble and costs, though, such projects may be the best way to make your home comfortable and livable. If you add a new bathroom or a home office, this could pay off for years to come. So prepare with good planning and well-researched professionals, and consider the process to be an adventure that will leave you with a better living space.

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Home Remodels with Santa Monica Electrician

Have you recently purchased a fixer upper? With all of the home renovations shows on television these days, you may be inspired to invest in a house that needs a little help. Transforming something old and damaged into something new and lovely is exciting. It can be very fulfilling to get your hands dirty and apply your creativeness to a home renovation. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on flipping the home or making it yours to love. Part of any home renovation is going to include some electrical work, which will require the services of a professional electrician. Santa Monica new property owners can rely on The Electric Connection to take care of the electrical portion of the renovation.

Redoing walls and floors is only half the project. Sometimes you may need to bring an old home into the 21st century with new, safer electrical wiring explains an electrician in Santa Monica. Once you know the wiring is safe and ready to handle the demands on the electric panel, you can move on to the good stuff. Choosing floor material, wall colors and cabinetry is exciting, but the electrical is the first big step.

In some cases, you may be removing walls, which are likely to have wiring behind the sheetrock. This will need to be moved or disconnected by a Santa Monica electrician. Part of your planning will include installing new light fixtures and having outlets installed. With the current trend of having large, flat-screen televisions mounted to the wall, it is a good idea to have an outlet placed high up on the wall. It is the little details like these that can take a home renovation from good to great. It’s all in the details. If you are ready to get started on your home renovation project, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Rental Property Remodels by Los Angeles Electrician

Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment. For some, they have the ability to rent out a portion of their large home, a small house in the back of their property or even a basement over an area over a garage. This is an excellent way to pay the mortgage payment on your own home or to supplement your income. In order to attract your ideal tenant, you will need to have a space that is beautiful as well as functional. Looks matter and your electrician in Los Angeles can help you transform that dated space into one that is gorgeous and appealing to potential renters. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make that happen.

Adding a little paint and replacing the flooring in a room or apartment is one way to revamp the place. You can also make it look more modern as well as inviting by updating the lighting in the space. This is especially helpful if the apartment you are creating is on the small side or in a basement with low ceilings explains an electrician. Los Angeles property owners will want to look into some of the trendy styles, like recessed lighting for low ceilings and track lighting for spaces that can work with a single fixture that spreads over an entire space.

Along with lighting, ensuring there is enough power in the apartment is key. Most people will need numerous outlets in the kitchen for the various appliances and outlets in the living area for entertainment systems with many components. Your Los Angeles electrician can add additional outlets to ensure a tenant isn’t forced to use extension cords that can be a bit of a hazard when not used properly. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your rental property revamped.

Basement Game Room by Pasadena Electrician

Have you always dreamed of having a nice, comfortable man cave? Or maybe you have teen kids living in the house who would love an area that can gather. If your basement is sitting empty and filled with nothing but boxes and cobwebs, it is time to consider a basement remodel. This is a great way to add value to your home while making your home more functional for your family. An electrician in Pasadena, like those at The Electric Connection, want to help you make the most of every square foot possible.

There are many possibilities when it comes to utilizing your basement as actual livable square footage. An office, game room, craft space or even a play area are all great ways to make your house feel much bigger. Imagine being able to clear out a crowded bedroom by placing extra toys, shelves and what not in a beautiful living space downstairs. Your Pasadena electrician can work with your contractor to ensure you have plenty of outlets, proper lighting and even phone and data lines. Having recessed lighting installed during the construction process is an excellent way to maximize ceiling height in a basement.

It is important you leave all of the wiring to an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will want to ensure their remodel is safe and up to code. This is also a great time to get an idea about the condition of your existing wiring as most of it tends to be exposed in the basement. Depending on the size of the area and what exactly you hope to achieve with your remodel, it may be necessary to add additional breakers to your electric panel. If you are thinking about making the most of your basement, give The Electric Connection a call today and get an idea of what will be needed for your electrical requirements.

Home Additions with Glendale Electrician

Adding on to your home to make it a little bigger and more accommodating for you and your family’s needs is a typical part of home ownership. Sometimes, you buy a smaller house or a house that isn’t quite what you want with the intention of remodeling it to suit your needs. This is often a cheaper solution and gives you a little more say in what the addition looks like. If you are considering adding on to your home or transforming that big closet into a second bathroom, you will need the services of an electrician. Glendale homeowners can call The Electric Connection to assist them with their home remodeling needs.

Plenty of people choose a DIY approach when it comes to home remodels. Those with some basic carpentry experience can knock out walls or install sheetrock. However, it is never okay for anyone, besides a certified Glendale electrician, to deal with any of the electrical wiring required for the addition. The risk associated with dealing with electricity are far too great and not worth the few extra dollars you may save. Your homeowner’s insurance will also negate any coverage in many cases if the wiring was not completed by a certified electrician.

It is far easier and will give you peace of mind to have an electrician in Glendale take care of new wiring as well as the installation of new light fixtures. This ensures the job is done right and you will know the addition is safe. In most counties and cities, the addition you put on your home will require permits. The inspector will need to inspect any electrical wiring completed. Don’t risk the job not being done right the first time. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your new addition electrical job.

Planning Your New Home with Glendale Electrician

Whether you have purchased land and are looking forward to having your own home built or live in a home that you want to give a complete renovation, your project is going to be a big one. There are so many factors that go into the building of a home, it can be a bit overwhelming. The key to remember is that it should all be left to trained and certified contractors. There is a great deal of planning that is involved in the construction of a home, even if it is a fairly straightforward renovation or addition. It is important that an electrician in Glendale is included in the planning process from the very beginning. The team at The Electric Connection has a great deal of experience with new construction and can provide valuable input.

If the project you are working on is a bit more of a do-it-yourself job, it is absolutely crucial you do not attempt to do the electrical yourself. There are not only laws and regulations that must be adhered to, it just isn’t safe for you or the construction project. When you hire a Glendale electrician to complete the wiring and fixture installation, you can rest assured it is done right. You know you will pass the inspection that must be done to follow code and you will know it is safe.

Some people assume they can skip the hiring of certain contractors, including the electrician. Glendale property owners need to think long-term. The risk of an electrical hazard or a fire starting because of faulty wiring is far too great. Budget the expense of an experienced electrician into the construction cost and save yourself a lot of hassle and worry. The team at The Electric Connection is standing by to help you with your next big project.

Sprucing Up the Laundry Room with Electrician in Santa Monica

As we roll into a new year, you may already be thinking of the changes you would like to make on a personal level and maybe around your home. A new year gives us a new perspective and human nature is to start fresh. It gives us motivation to change things up and freshen up our surroundings. Home improvements and renovations are one way you can get that change you are longing for without having to pull up the stakes and move. An electrician in Santa Monica can work with you to make some of the those minor changes that have major results. The team at The Electric Connection has been helping homeowners just like you for years and is ready to help you.

The laundry room in your home is probably not one you enjoy spending a lot of time in. This particular area in the house tends to be the place where lost socks go to die and the clutter can be a little overwhelming. As part of your new year’s resolution, cleaning up and organizing the laundry room is the first step. The next step is to brighten the place up or maybe even make it a little bigger. A Santa Monica electrician will be needed for any expansions or renovations. The electrician can install additional outlets and change out the light fixtures to help give the space a facelift.

Putting down new flooring is fairly easy and adding a fresh coat of paint in a light, airy color will all help make the room a little more open and airy. Once you have done some browsing and come up with a plan, call your electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will love the changes to their laundry room and find it gives them a great deal of satisfaction and motivation to make more changes around the house. The team at The Electric Connection is standing by, ready to help you with the changes this new year.

Commercial Renovation No Problem with Certified Electrician

electriccon_10_7If you are interested in purchasing an old building for commercial use or maybe your business is in an old building that needs a serious upgrade, you will need a specialized crew of professionals to make it happen. Commercial projects require a different set of skills and talents than the standard residential projects. Everything is on a much bigger scale, including the wiring and electrical needs. For this reason, it is absolutely critical you hire an electrical team that has experience and training to work on commercial projects. A certified electrician on your job ensures everything will be done right and up to code, which means your renovation or upgrade will chug along according to your schedule. The team at The Electric Connection has the commercial experience you want and need.

It is always best to bring the electrician in at the very beginning of a restoration project. This allows the professional to provide valuable insight and input as to where the wiring needs to be as well as the best type of materials to use for a commercial project. Bringing in the certified professional early on also makes the scheduling of the project much easier. You won’t have to worry about down days or redoing certain areas because the wiring wasn’t put in first. The construction team needs to work together and that means everyone needs to be involved from the get go.

The planning phase is an excellent time to discuss all of the commercial lighting options and various upgrades that can be put in place throughout the building. It is important these are thought about beforehand to make sure the project runs smoothly. Projects that are delayed or run into various hiccups can cost more money and end up pushing back opening dates. Give The Electric Connection a call today and talk with one of our professionals about your commercial building renovation.

Home Additions with Pasadena Electrician

electriccon_10_5If you own your home, it is essentially yours to do as with you please. You are not restricted to what colors you paint the walls or how you decorate your home. For those who don’t live in neighborhoods with strict home covenant laws, you are also free to make your home a little bigger. Every square foot of livable space you have in your home adds value. The cost to add the space is far lower than what the additional square footage is actually worth. Home additions are an excellent way to make a home big enough to suit your family’s needs, while adding significant value. This is definitely a big project and will require the services of a trained, professional Pasadena electrician. The team at The Electric Connection is available and can help you iron out the details of your addition.

Additions can be anything from a single bedroom add on, adding on to an existing room in the house, transforming a basement or even something a little more elaborate like installing a second story. Adding mother-in-law apartment’s are also a common home addition that seem to be growing in popularity. These are all possible with the help of an electrician. Pasadena homeowners that are big on DIY can certainly do a lot of the construction of the addition, but the electrical wiring will need to be completed by a licensed professional in order to meet city code standards.

You will also feel better knowing the wiring has been completed by an electrician in Pasadena. If you have hired a contractor, you can request to use a particular electrician that you have researched and are comfortable using. This project is going to make your life a little easier and will increase your investment into your home. Don’t leave it to anybody you don’t trust. Give The Electric Connection a call today.

Creative Basement Remodels with Glendale Electrician

electriccon_09_4You can look at your house and think of it as a piece of clay to be molded into image and design you want. Owning a home gives you the luxury of creating the perfect living space for your family by remodeling, upgrading or even adding on as allowed by your city building codes. Many older homes are equipped with basements. Those basements are often ignored and overlooked as viable living spaces. Instead, they are filled with the overflow and not given any kind of attention. You can change that with the help of an electrician. Glendale homeowners who want to add living space without knocking out walls can use their basements. The Electric Connection has a team ready to help you light up your basement and make it warm and inviting.

You will want to hire a general contractor to help you come up with building plans that will transform the basement into living space. There are plenty of options depending on how big the basement is. You may be able to create a hobby room, den, office or just a nice space to relax and watch the game. One of the most important elements of a basement is the lighting explains a Glendale electrician. The windows tend to be a bit smaller and don’t always get a great deal of natural light. You need to compensate by having plenty of lighting installed.

Basements are notoriously dark and dingy. The ceilings tend to be lower in a basement than in the upper levels of the home. You need to get creative with your lighting. One way to get maximum light without losing any head space is to have an electrician in Glendale install can lights or what is known as recessed lighting. You will love the brightness and the overall transformation of your new space. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your basement lighting transformation.