Understanding Electrical Hazards with Burbank Electrician

blog_electricalsafetyElectricity is a valuable part of our world today. We use it for just about everything. Without electricity, we would struggle to get through a single day. With that said, electricity can be extremely dangerous, deadly even. There are some electrical hazards you need to be aware of, teach your children and keep top of mind as you go through your daily routines. Becoming complacent around electricity can be extremely hazardous. Your Burbank electrician has some tips to understanding electrical hazards and how to avoid them. You can count on the crew at The Electric Connection to keep you informed about electricity and the potential hazards it poses.

1-Extension cords are not meant to be long-term solutions. They are simply meant for temporary fixes while you use a particular appliance. Extension cords are the cause of over 300,000 fires every year due to improper use. If you need an additional outlet, whether it is in the house or outside, call an electrician. Burbank homeowners don’t have to put their homes at risk by using extension cords as permanent fixes.

2-Pets and young kids and electricity never mix. Do what you can to keep children away from outlets and pets away from cords. You can buy cord protectors to keep pets from chewing on the lamp cord and outlet protectors to keep children from putting things into the outlets. These are quick, inexpensive fixes that can save lives.

3-Water is probably one of the most obvious dangers when electricity is around. You can protect yourself by having GFCI installed in kitchen and bathroom areas where water is most likely to be introduced to an electrical current. This is a simple fix that can be taken care of by your electrician.

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