New Shops Need Burbank Electrician

bigstockphoto_Chair_22955If you recently had a pole building or shop put up on your property, you are probably debating to have it powered with electricity or stick with a generator. There are clearly some real benefits to a shop having electricity. If you are simply using the building to store items, than electricity is probably not a major concern. However, if you are planning to use your shop to work on various hobbies or use it to repair vehicles, electricity is extremely helpful. You will need a Burbank electrician to go about completing the wiring process. You can depend on the team at The Electric Connection to help you make your shop complete with electricity.

Depending on the amount of electricity you need in your shop, you may need to have a sub-panel installed. This is something your electrician will discuss with you and advise you on. If your home is already using the majority of the breakers available in your existing panel, you will need an upgrade or an additional panel installed to run the shop. The size and type of the tools you will use in the shop will influence your decision.

Once you have decided on the electric panel situation, the next stop is to discuss outlet placement with your electrician. Burbank shop owners can decide how many outlets they need in the shop. You may even need a 240-volt outlet to run certain heavy machinery or to plug in a Level II electric car charging station. These are all options for you to consider when you make the decision to hire an electrician. Lighting is yet another element you will want to think about. Typically, a single fixture is installed along the ceiling and then several lamps will be used to illuminate specific work areas. If you would like to discuss running electricity to your new shop, give The Electric Connection a call today.