Out With the Old Electrical by Burbank Electrician

The saying, “Out with the old, in with the new,” can apply to many aspects of our lives. As time marches on, we realize we need new clothes, new vehicles and sometimes new homes. No matter if you are staying in the home you have always been in or moving to a new home, the old adage needs to be applied to the electrical work in the home. Your Burbank electrician wants you to be aware of the hazards of old electrical. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help you bring in the new when it comes to the electrical in your home.

There are many areas that need to be evaluated to determine whether an update or full replacement is warranted. Some of the areas you should have an electrician in Burbank check out are as follows;

Light switches—make sure the wires are tight and the switch is in good condition
Outlets—tight wires, no damage
Light fixtures—may have bad wiring or unsafe wiring
Electric Panels—old panels may not have the current high standard safety features
Wiring—This is a big one, but incredibly important

Homes that are more than fifty years old are likely going to have some outdated wiring and fixtures. Updating the wiring will make the home safer by removing any potential hazards. A bigger panel, new light fixtures or even more outlets can make the house a little more functional for you and your family’s needs. In this tech-heavy world, we use a lot more electricity than they did fifty years ago.

Time, experience and technology has led to a lot of advancement in residential electricity, which includes some very useful safety features. These can all be explained by your electrician. Burbank homeowners can get an electrical inspection to pinpoint any potential problems. Just give The Electric Connection a call today.

Out with the Old Electrical by Burbank Electrician

burbank electricianDid you know the electrical outlets and light switches in your home can go bad over time? They may not have any obvious signs of wear, other than some yellowing, but they can certainly become dangerous if not taken care of. Outlets and switches are easily overlooked in a home because they are so common. We take the fixtures for granted and tend to ignore them altogether, which can be extremely dangerous. We may be overlooking warning signs that indicate there is a fire hazard brewing or an electrical shock waiting to happen. An electrician in Burbank can change out your old outlets and switches to ensure your home is as safe as possible. You can rely on the team at The Electric Connection to get the job done right.

Homes that are older than 20 years or so are not likely equipped with the much safer GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. This should be a job at the top of your Burbank electrician‘s list. These outlets can help prevent an electric shock if an appliance happens to come in contact with water. A typical outlet would allow a short circuit, which could cause a fire or shock a person who was touching the appliance. The GFCI outlet will instantaneously cut power to the appliance the very second the circuit is interrupted, preventing a shock or a fire.

Light switches that are loose or feel warm to the touch should be replaced as well. Over the years of turning the switch off and on, the tiny wires that connect it to the main power can loosen. If you suspect this may be the case, have the switch inspected by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will feel much safer with updated outlets and light switches in their home. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your appointment.

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems by Burbank Electrician

Techician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

Every day we deal with little problems around the house that are relatively simple fixes. Squeaky hinges, loose stair boards or maybe a leaking faucet. These are all common problems that are a part of home ownership. Most home owners keep a small tool chest on hand to take care of these things on their own. Quick fixes that can be taken care of with very little money out of pocket. It is kind of exciting to be able to fix something on your own. It can leave you feeling very accomplished. However, there are some perceived small problems, like flickering lights or electrical outlets that aren’t working correctly that should never be taken care on your own. These are big, dangerous problems in disguise. They should only be addressed by a trained electrician in Burbank. The Electric Connection has a group of individuals ready to inspect your home and determine exactly what the cause of your electrical problem is.

This is the key when it comes to diagnosing electrical issues. A Burbank electrician needs to inspect it and find the true problem instead of simply addressing the symptoms. Electrical wiring is no joke. It can be incredibly dangerous if not handled correctly. Even a relatively minor problem can turn into a serious situation. It only takes one spark to bring down your entire home.

If you are experiencing some odd symptoms with your home’s electrical system call an electrician. Burbank homeowners will want to have anything out of the ordinary checked out immediately. A flickering light or outlet that doesn’t work can be a sign of loose or damaged wiring that can create a serious fire hazard. The smell of burning wires is never to be ignored and is typically your first clue to a problem. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you have any electrical concerns.

Lighting Up the Front Door by Burbank Electrician

As you drive down the street, you notice other homes in the neighborhood for a couple of different reasons. Either the home and the yard are very attractive and you are drawn in or the home and the front entrance are a bit messy or disheveled. Curb appeal is something many homeowners strive for. They want a nice looking yard and they want their home to appear to be inviting as well as taken care of. There are plenty of things you do everyday to achieve that, like watering the lawn or planting pretty flowers. Another option that is often overlooked is the lighting around the front door area. An electrician in Burbank is here to tell you why you should think about upgrading your lighting. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make it happen.

The standard porch light that comes with every home is sometimes just not enough or it just isn’t all that attractive. Depending on how large your yard is, the design of your front entryway and the location to the nearest street light, you may need more light explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners that want to enhance their front door area, rather than just light it up, will love some of the attractive designs available. You can go classic or with some of the more modern styles.

You can choose to go with nice bright LEDs or something a little softer. Once you have made a decision about your outdoor lighting, give your Burbank electrician a call. Wiring in lights is something that should always be left to the professionals. This ensures the job is done right and you don’t have to worry about any bad wiring causing problems down the road. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your front door lighting revamp to improve your curb appeal.

Brightening the Office Spaces with Burbank Electrician

Whether you work from home or work in a commercial business office, lighting is an incredibly important factor in your overall productivity. It can set the mood and the tone. If you are dealing with lighting that is inadequate, it can leave you frustrated. You will not only feel irritated by the inability to see your work clearly, but it can also wreak havoc on your eyes. You will for sure be suffering from headaches. Maybe your back and neck are also feeling the strain of having to hunch over to get a better look at small typed print. You need to brighten your office space with the help of a Burbank electrician like those at The Electric Connection.

Office lighting has traditionally always been the long fluorescent tubes that nobody actually likes or appreciates. The yellow glow they cast may be easier on the eyes, but if your work requires you to see things in true color, those fluorescent tubes have to go. They can also look dingy and when they start to go and the flickering begins, it is horrible. Your electrician in Burbank suggests you look into some of the more modern lighting options that not only provide clean, bright white light, but are also much less expensive to use.

If your office is trying to cut costs, one of the big factors is always finding ways to trim the electric bill. Imagine cutting the bill by as much as 25 percent by simply changing out the old outdated lighting for some of the new LEDs that are currently very popular. This is a change out that will need to be completed by an electrician. Burbank businesses will love the look and feel of the brighter lights as well as the impact to the bottom line. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your lighting upgrade in your office.

New Bathroom Vanity Lights Installed by Burbank Electrician

Bathrooms tend to be one of those places you don’t really want to hang out it with your friends. You don’t often think too hard on what the bathroom looks like. The main goal is that it is clean and functional. An added perk is making it look nice. There are plenty of extra perks you can add to a bathroom to make it more inviting and even more functional. An electrician in Burbank can help you with the installation of those extras. All you need to do is give The Electric Connection a call to transform your boring bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Some ideas that you may want consider include the lighting scheme. The light in the room can be a standard fixture or a combination of lights. Recessed lighting is a nice choice. A bath fan with a heated light is a nice luxury and can help take the chill off the room when you are stepping out of the shower. This is something your Burbank electrician will need to install for you. A heated towel bar is another sweet luxury you can enjoy. The warming racks are typically hard-wired, which means they are wired into the home’s electricity and not plugged in.

The vanity lights that are over the mirror are a must. There are plenty of styles to choose from. The latest models on the market are designed to be used with LED bulbs. You can choose bulbs that give you a bright, white light that is similar to the natural light outdoors. This is an ideal choice and gives you plenty of light to see exactly what is in the mirror. Vanity lights can be fun and whimsical or traditional. Do some shopping, then call your electrician. Burbank homeowners will love how a few minor changes can make a huge difference.

Power Saving Tips by Burbank Electrician

This winter is shaping up to be a cold one, even in areas you wouldn’t expect it. It can throw a wrench in your budget when you get an electric bill that is significantly higher than you are accustomed to. Running the heater all day and night is going to cost you. There are some things you can do to reduce your power usage throughout the winter to help offset the usage of the furnace. Your electrician in Burbank can help you do just that with these power saving tips. The team at The Electric Connection can provide you with more details about energy saving tactics.

1. Hold a family meeting. Make it clear that everyone needs to be a little more energy conscientious and make the effort to conserve.
2. If you are decorating for the holidays, consider investing in LED lights. They use far less electricity and are much brighter. More bang for your buck!
3. Give the lights inside the home an upgrade to LEDs as well. A Burbank electrician can change out old light fixtures to the newer ones that use the LED bulbs.
4. Encourage your family members to shorten their showers by at least 3 minutes. This will save you some cash by reducing how often your hot water heater needs to fire up explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners can invest in a number of different energy efficient water heaters.
5. When you turn on the heater, be frugal. You can set it at 72 and still be comfortable. If you are chilly, put on a sweater and some warm socks. Take the opportunity to enjoy some hot chocolate under a warm blanket.

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to dramatically change your lifestyle. A few simple tricks and you can balance the budget. Turn on the heat and rest easy. If you need any future tips or need those new LED fixtures, give The Electric Connection a call today.

New Chandelier for Holiday Entertaining by Burbank Electrician

electriccon_11_3Wouldn’t it be nice to really step up your game this holiday season? This is the time of year when friends and family are sure to visit your home. Maybe it will be for an evening of fun and entertainment or maybe it will be for a lovely dinner. No matter what your plans are for the holidays, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something extra to help set the scene in your home? A new chandelier is the perfect, functional idea. An electrician in Burbank, like those at The Electric Connection can get your new chandelier installed just in time for holiday entertaining.

Gathering in the sitting room for cocktails, games or good conversation is a great way to reconnect with old friends and family you haven’t been able to spend quite as much time as you would like with. Having the right lighting can help set the mood. Bright and festive or dim and intimate can all be achieved with a new chandelier complete with a dimmer switch installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners who want to be able to set the mood with the flick of the switch will love the beauty and flexibility a new chandelier gives them.

Many of the new chandeliers available on the market today are equipped to use energy-saving lightbulbs, which can ultimately save you money in the long run. LEDs are the perfect way to brighten up a room by using just a few bulbs. The look and feel of a room can be completely transformed with the installation of a new chandelier by a Burbank electrician. Chandeliers offer unique lighting options for a foyer, dining room or a den. Have fun and shop around for the perfect fixture. Give The Electric Connection a call today and get your appointment scheduled before your next big gathering.

Energy Action Month Explained by Burbank Electrician

electriccon_10_3This is the second year the United States is focusing its efforts to really bring energy conservation to the forefront of conversation. We have all heard about fossil fuels being depleted and the demand each house puts on the power grid. We are constantly told we have to be more frugal with electricity. It is for the benefit of the world as well as our bank accounts. Saving energy will ultimately save money on the electric bill and make each one of our carbon footprints just a little bit smaller. Your Burbank electrician and the team at The Electric Connection wants you to know about Energy Action Month, which is this October.

Right now, the government in the United States is taking action to reduce their own energy consumption. It starts at the top and by their good influence, hopefully citizens will follow suit. An electrician in Burbank has some ways that will help you take action this October and develop new habits that will ultimately lead to less energy usage, lower electric bills and a smaller demand on today’s power sources.

Things to do right now include;

*Turn up the AC a couple degrees or turn up the heater a couple of degrees
*Switch out those old bulbs with LEDs (this may require a different light fixture)

Things to Schedule

*Get a ceiling fan installed by an electrician, Burbank homeowners can really save money on their heating and cooling costs with this one device

*Schedule an energy audit to get an idea where you use the most electricity and how you can cut back

These are 4 easy, actionable steps that will help you save money and do something great for the environment. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need a new light fixture or ceiling fan installed.

Electric Outlet Warning Signs by Burbank Electrician

electriccon_09_3Outlets are seemingly innocuous parts of any home. They blend right into the walls and we hardly even know they are there. We often hide them with furniture or décor and never give them a second thought until we need to plug something in or unplug a device. It isn’t like we give them daily inspections or even monthly evaluations. Why would we? They do nothing. Or do they? Those outlets are not always as innocent as they may look. Sometimes, they are extremely dangerous and when you hide them, they can get away with a lot and you won’t know until it is too late. An electrician in Burbank wants you to be wary of those outlets and pay attention to any warn signs that indicate something may not be right. The team at The Electric Connection can give you more detailed information if you need it.

Burning wires have a very distinct, acrid smell. If you ever smell something a little off in the home and it seems like it is coming from a wall, you probably have a serious fire hazard explains a Burbank electrician. Plugging in and unplugging cords over and over puts stress on the tiny wires that give the outlet electricity. They can become loose. They touch each other or the insulation and slowly burn. This is how home fires are started. Other obvious signs of trouble are;
*Black streaks up the wall or around the outlet
*Blackness around where things are plugged in
*Outlet doesn’t work or only works at times
*Sizzling or crackling noise coming from the outlet
*An electrical shock when things are plugged in
*The outlet feels hot or the wall around the outlet feels hot

Don’t ignore your outlets says an electrician. Burbank homeowners need to call The Electric Connection right away if they suspect there is any trouble.