Electric Savings Tips for Summer by Pasadena Electrician

Have you cranked up the air conditioner yet this summer? If you have, you already know your electric bill is going to jump up. It can be a huge concern for those who can’t afford to pay an exorbitant electric bill, but also can’t afford not to cool down their homes. A cool home is a comfortable home. You need a place to get out of the heat for your comfort as well as your health. There are a few things you can do to help beat the heat and keep your electric bill from skyrocketing. These are some tips from your Pasadena electrician that will hopefully allow you to stay cool without costing you a small fortune. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any of your electrical questions that may arise.

*Stay ahead of the game by blocking the sun as much as possible with heavy curtains or blinds. Keep them closed during the day. This will go a long ways to keeping your house cool.
*Don’t run the dryer or stove during the day whenever possible.
*Replace the old CFL and incandescent bulbs in your home with LEDs. They not only put off less heat, but they use a fraction of the electricity explains an electrician in Pasadena.
*Consider hanging your clothes out to dry on a drying rack in your backyard or your deck.
*Have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will appreciate the cool breeze the fan generates as well as reduce the electric bill by keeping the cool air circulating. This will result in the air conditioner running less.
*Set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are away from the house.

You can still be cool and comfortable at home without running up your electric bill. Follow these tips and be conscientious about your electricity usage. If you need a ceiling fan installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.

When Outlets Don’t Work by Pasadena Electrician

It is not uncommon for a house to have an outlet that can be a little moody if you will. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Or maybe, you have an outlet that doesn’t work at all. You have searched everywhere for the magic switch that will send power to the outlet, but it just isn’t to be found. Many people don’t know this, but when an outlet doesn’t work when it had previously, it is a serious issue. It isn’t just an annoyance. It is a warning sign that you need to get an electrician. Pasadena homeowners who have one of these outlets in their home can call The Electric Connection to take a look.

An outlet that seems to have its own ideas about when it is a good time to function is a sign there is some wiring issues behind the wall. You can’t see it and you may not see any actual danger signs, but they are there. The most likely cause of an intermittently working outlet is the wires that bring the electricity to the box have become loose. Your electrician in Pasadena will need to pull the outlet from the wall to take a look. Despite how dangerous it is to have loose wires touching insulation or one another, it is a relatively easy fix.

In more serious situations, the outlet isn’t working all the time because the wiring in general is bad. If rodents have gotten their little teeth sunk into the plastic coating around the wires, it can cause serious problems, like an electrical fire. Your Pasadena electrician will have to do a little more investigating to look for the cause. It is better to know the problem than to continue to ignore it. If you have one of those outlets in your home, give The Electric Connection a call right away.

Dangers of One Bad Wire Explains Pasadena Electrician

We always like to minimize things in our lives to make them just a little easier to deal with. It is easy to think it is something minor and isn’t really a big deal. Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, it isn’t such a good idea when you are dealing with something as serious as bad wiring. It doesn’t even have to be bad wiring, but a loose wire in a single outlet can cause a serious problem. If you have an outlet that isn’t working all the time, it is serious. You need to call an electrician in Pasadena, like those at The Electric Connection.

You probably can’t tell by looking at an outlet that something is wrong behind it. There are some clues that will help alert you to a potential problem. If the outlet doesn’t work all the time, it is a sign of trouble. If you feel the wall around the outlet and it is hot, unplug whatever is in the outlet. You have a major fire hazard. Another clue, says a Pasadena electrician, is sparking or a jolt when you plug things in or unplug. If this happens, don’t use the outlet. If you can, turn off the breaker to the outlet until you can get it looked at. Black marks around the holes or shooting up the wall are definite warning signs.

Outlets are at a high risk for having loose wiring just because of the usage. Every time you plug and unplug something, you are jarring the wires behind the outlet. Yanking plugs out is definitely not a good idea says an electrician. Pasadena homeowners who suspect there is any kind of problem need to act fast. Wires that are touching will eventually start a fire. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your wiring inspection to identify any serious problems.

Fabulous Kitchen Lighting by Pasadena Electrician

A bright, well-lit kitchen is a must in every home. It is simply more inviting and more appealing in general. There is also a layer of safety added when you can see well when you are handling hot foods and sharp knives. A dim kitchen can make it difficult to properly judge seasoning or whether or not a particular dish is fully cooked. You don’t see dark kitchens in restaurants or gourmet setups. If you would like to bring your kitchen into the light, call your electrician. Pasadena homeowners can count on The Electric Connection to provide a qualified electrician to successfully complete the transformation.

Track lighting is certainly a better choice than a single fixture in the center of a room. The track can be in a variety of shapes and include as many or as few lights as you need. The lights can be directed into work areas to provide more focused light. The track lighting fixtures should be installed by an electrician in Pasadena to ensure it is done right. The fixtures are a favorite because they tend to make a kitchen look much bigger. You don’t have to worry about a fixture hanging in the space and giving it a cluttered look.

Another favorite in the world of bright kitchens is recessed lighting installed by a Pasadena electrician. Again, you can have as many or as little as you would like. Adding LEDs to the fixtures is a great choice. You will get a lot of light with very little wattage. A 100 watt LED bulb looks like several bulbs but only uses a fraction of the electricity. You can choose between a variety of styles to provide just the right light in your kitchen. Give The Electric Connection a call today to schedule your kitchen lighting upgrade.

Choosing the Right Electrician in Pasadena for the Job

Options are great to have and allow us to compare a number of different details before we make a decision. Choosing the right contractor to do a job is important for that very same reason. You need to be able to compare skill level, experience, cost and reputation. When you are in need of a specific job, like an electrical repair around the house or at your business, you want to choose the right electrician in Pasadena for the job. But, how do you know which one is right? You do a little research. The team at The Electric Connection makes it easy for current and future clients to find them on the web and schedule an appointment.

The right Pasadena electrician for any job should have the following qualities:

  • Make sure you are hiring a certified electrician and not a company’s trainee. If the trainee will be performing the work, a journeymen should be overseeing the work.
  • The company needs to be licensed, bonded and insured. Check with L & I to ensure it is all valid. It is far to easy for shady people to print up some numbers on a business card.
  • Ask if there are warranties for the work that will be performed. Things happen, you just want to make sure the electrician will be willing to do the work you paid for and back it up.
  • A team of electricians should look professional and be easily identifiable. You don’t want to let just anybody into your home or business.
  • Ask pointed questions and get an estimate before the work is started by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners need to know how much a job is going to cost them. Of course, there may always be unforeseen circumstances, but your electrician will talk these through with you.

Protect yourself, your home and your business by hiring the right team to complete any electrical work in your home. You can always count on The Electric Connection to provide you with professional, high quality service.

Upgrading the Outlets to GFCIs with Pasadena Electrician

electriccon_11_5There are always things that need to get done around the house. Some of those jobs tend to be more obvious than others. Things like repainting the walls, fixing the brick pathway or oiling squeaky door hinges tend to be more obvious. However, there are some little things that deserve our attention as well. Little things that are silent, but ignored or used improperly, they can become extremely dangerous. We are referring to the electrical outlets in the home. Little, insignificant and rarely focused on outlets pose a threat explains your Pasadena electrician. The team at The Electric Connection wants you to know you can help make your home a little safer by giving those outlets some well-deserved attention.

There are too many homes that do not have the GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. These outlets have been designed to trip the breaker within a split second of the circuit being interrupted. This one little feature can save lives by preventing electric shock. If you are not sure what the outlets are or whether you already have them or not, a quick visual will tell you the story explains an electrician in Pasadena. A GFCI outlet will have 2 small buttons in the center of the outlet between the top and bottom plug-ins. If the circuit is interrupted, you will want to unplug whatever device triggered the trip and push the reset button.

This one small feature is an important safety feature, especially when water is nearby, like the kitchen or bath areas. It is an inexpensive, quick upgrade that could save lives, prevent minor shocks and electrical shortages that could result in a fire. If you are ready to make this minor change, call your electrician. Pasadena homeowners will appreciate the additional safety precaution. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your GFCI installation.

Home Additions with Pasadena Electrician

electriccon_10_5If you own your home, it is essentially yours to do as with you please. You are not restricted to what colors you paint the walls or how you decorate your home. For those who don’t live in neighborhoods with strict home covenant laws, you are also free to make your home a little bigger. Every square foot of livable space you have in your home adds value. The cost to add the space is far lower than what the additional square footage is actually worth. Home additions are an excellent way to make a home big enough to suit your family’s needs, while adding significant value. This is definitely a big project and will require the services of a trained, professional Pasadena electrician. The team at The Electric Connection is available and can help you iron out the details of your addition.

Additions can be anything from a single bedroom add on, adding on to an existing room in the house, transforming a basement or even something a little more elaborate like installing a second story. Adding mother-in-law apartment’s are also a common home addition that seem to be growing in popularity. These are all possible with the help of an electrician. Pasadena homeowners that are big on DIY can certainly do a lot of the construction of the addition, but the electrical wiring will need to be completed by a licensed professional in order to meet city code standards.

You will also feel better knowing the wiring has been completed by an electrician in Pasadena. If you have hired a contractor, you can request to use a particular electrician that you have researched and are comfortable using. This project is going to make your life a little easier and will increase your investment into your home. Don’t leave it to anybody you don’t trust. Give The Electric Connection a call today.

Total Landscape Lighting with Pasadena Electrician

electriccon_09_5Dark spaces can be trouble for many different reasons. If you are trying to navigate a dark space, like your back yard or the outer areas of your landscaping, you risk suffering an injury because you can’t see. Dark spaces also tend to invite unwanted critters. Animals big and small will appreciate the darkness so they can skulk around without being detected. You also have to worry about people who may vandalize or burglarize your home, outdoor furniture and décor or even your cars under the cloak of darkness. It is a good idea to invest in landscape lighting that completely lights up the entire area. An electrician in Pasadena can make that happen for you. The team at The Electric Connection knows how important it is to keep your home secure and can get you set up with the right lighting.

When you have a Pasadena electrician install landscape lighting, you are not limited by an extension cord. You also don’t have to worry about whether or not a solar light is going to get enough sunlight in particularly shaded areas of the landscaping. With the proper lighting scheme, you can light up every corner of the yard, including under bushy shrubs and full shade trees. You don’t have to leave any area in the dark.

In fact, you can create a lighting scheme that enhances the property and doesn’t give it that sterile look. Add soft lighting or pretty colors to act as an effective security measure, while making the landscaping look gorgeous, even in the dead of night. This kind of job needs to be handled by an electrician. Pasadena residents will love the freedom of putting lights anywhere and the ability to control when they come off and on. Give The Electric Connection a call today and get your landscape lighting installed.

New Chandelier Installed by Pasadena Electrician

electriccon_july_5When you open the door to your home, you are instantly hit with a first impression—so are your visitors. If you are selling your home, that first impression starts outside, but walking through the front door is where you really have the chance to impress a potential buyer. Your home is your castle and you want it to look as nice as possible. It doesn’t have to be a mega mansion or a brand new home to be gorgeous. You can make your home look like a million dollars with some simple adjustments like paint, décor, flooring and lighting. One of the ways to really impress the second that front door is opened is with a chandelier in the foyer or entry way. This is something that can be handled by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will be amazed at the difference an entryway chandelier changes the entire look of the home. At The Electric Connection, we can help you be proud of your home.

A chandelier gives a room a very elegant feel. Beautiful glass combined with light creates a beautiful sight. This is what you will see when you open that door every day. The chandelier can be accompanied with a dimmer switch installed by an electrician in Pasadena. It gives you the luxury of having full light on a dark night or just a little night light for when you get home after dark.

Chandeliers are not just for the entry way. They are beautiful pieces in a dining room or a sitting room as well. Their simple elegance is enough to be a main focal point in a room with very little other décor needed. You can choose to go big or go small. Your Pasadena electrician will take care of all of the installation for you, even if there isn’t an existing light in the room. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your chandelier installation.

5 Reasons to Upgrade an Electric Panel by Pasadena Electrician

electricon5_5-16That dull gray box that sits outside your home isn’t something you pay a lot of attention to. In the house, there is a gray panel that fits into the wall and is somewhere out of the way. Again, you don’t even know it is there unless you are looking for it. Every home has an electric panel. Fortunately, the average homeowner never has to do much with it. Occasionally you may need to open it up to turn a breaker off or on or maybe reset a tripped breaker. However, if you are in and out of that electric panel several times a week, you need an electrician. Pasadena homeowners who are not comfortable with how often they are messing with their electric panel can call The Electric Connection for help. You may need a panel upgrade.

There are several reasons you should consider upgrading your electric panel. The upgrade can only be completed by a licensed electrician in Pasadena. There are codes that must be followed and inspections that must be passed. You don’t want to waste time and money by trying to get by with substandard work. It is also a huge safety issue.

Here are some reasons why you would need or want to have a Pasadena electrician upgrade your electric panel.

  1. The panel has been recalled or deemed a safety hazard
  2. You need more electricity coming from the pole into your house
  3. The panel is outdated
  4. The panel is not working safely or properly any longer
  5. Panels that use old-fashioned wiring methods that are now obsolete

You don’t have to know the ins and outs of your electric panel, but if you suspect there is an issue, it is always best to call an electrician to complete an inspection. You will be given the lowdown on your panel and learn whether or not you need to change out your existing panel. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your inspection.