Is Joining Two Extension Cords Illegal?

extension cord legalThe legalities of joining two extension cords vary state by state, most states it is legal to join two extension cords together. The important question to ask, though, is:

Is joining two extension cords safe?

In reality, nothing is really dangerous as long as the limitations of the cords are realized and they are plugged into the proper plug. Different cords and configurations will have different outcomes but in order to be completely safe, it is best to read as much as you can about the extension cords you have on hand.

It is important to use properly rated extension cords in any situations, especially if you are joining two together. Check the extension cord’s label for the wattage the cord can handle. If you can’t find any information, you might want to dispose of the cord as it might be very old. Make sure the two extension cords you want to use are the same rating. Be careful of the trip risk and everything should be fine.

It’s very easy to just plug in any extension cord into another one but this is not recommended. Cords can easily get overloaded as you are added on additional elements to the total power coming from the outlet. If you are to use an underrated extension cord there is a possibility for danger. Improper use on extension cords can lead to an excessive voltage drop which can cause overheating and fires. Be sure to check the wall for the temperature after 10 or 15 minutes of use. If it feels warm, you are nearing the maximum level for the cord and should not add any more devices.

To ensure you are properly using an extension cord, it might be best to just get one that is long enough to reach whatever you are trying power up. This way you won’t have to worry about finding the ones with the correct amperage to work together. You will also reduce the chances of tripping and unplugging one from the other.

Also, be sure you are using the extension cord with recommended devices. Never user an extension cord to power the following items:

  • Welders
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioner
  • Refrigerator

If you are unsure if you have the correct extension cords, please contact an electrician who can help you out. A professional electrician can give you more information and advice about extension cords and the possibility of just adding more outlets in your home. Additional outlets can bring power to the places you need them most and remove the risk caused by adding too many extension cords and power strips. If you are unsure, be safe and ask an electrician first.

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Purchasing Your Next Extension Cord

purchasing an extension cordWhether you’re at home or work – it doesn’t matter – we all find ourselves facing the problem of being too far away from an electrical outlet. You may want to charge your phone while using it while sitting on the couch, but the nearest outlet is across the room.

This is usually due to the fact that when houses are constructed, the crew is only thinking about making them large and spacious to allow it to be filled up with furniture and appliances. In the process, the addition of additional outlets is forgotten which creates a great inconvenience.

Many of our devices are portable, which means the cords used to charge them can be very short. Luckily there is a solution: extension cords.

Extension cords are the savior to electrical gadgets and devices when it comes time to charge. These cords allow for a smooth and uninterrupted distribution of power even when an electrical outlet is far away from where we need it to be.

It can also be very helpful when one or more electrical appliance needs to be used in the same room. Extension cords can supply power to all your devices so you can watch TV, use your computer, and play a DVD all at the same time.

At work, when you are giving a presentation, you can find an extension cord helpful as it connects the mic, computer, and protector to a power source. It’s very easy to see how extension cords have quickly become a very important part of modern life.

When looking for your next extension cord, it’s important to determine what exactly you need out of it. There are many different factors in choosing an extension cord. You may need one for length or one to use with multiple devices. Be careful choosing an extension cord if you are looking to use it mainly outdoors – there are ones designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Extension cords also come in a variety of different colors as well as have features such as lights when power is running through.

In order to determine which extension cord is right for you, right down every time you have needed a power source but it was too far away or when you have needed an additional power source but all the existing outlets were occupied. This should help you determine what type of extension cord to buy.

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5 of the Best Extension Cords

extension cordHow many extension cords to do you think you have in your home? It’s best to have at least one but there are so many different types out there. Extension cords are super easy to use and while it might seem okay to just grab one from the dollar store, you should probably know a few things about the device you’re bringing into your home.

These next five devices were carefully researched in order to ensure the extension cord worked as promised. If you’re looking to purchase a new extension cord, read the reviews below!

Iron Forge Cable
Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord

This extension cord is potentially the best extension cord on the market today. It has a long and heavy duty cord to handle just about anything you could imagine plugging into it. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well as LED lights that show when power is running through it.

It is more on the expensive side but is well worth the money. There are alternatives that bring the price down – such as shorter lengths.

Watt’s Wire
Heavy Duty Triple Outlet Indoor / Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord

Man, that’s a mouthful! This extension cord is a great alternative to the one made by Iron Forge. It also has an LED light that shows when power is running through it as well as comes with a triple-outlet feature. It has powerful weather protection that can handle most electronics, including power tools.

This cord is on the expensive side as well but, like the Iron Forge cord, comes in shorter lengths that will help save some money.

US Wire
50-foot Orange Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This is your basic, but reliable, extension cord that will last for a very long time. It’s probably the best value your money can buy. It has a decent price but also is very weather resistant.

While this cord doesn’t have all the frills as the previously mentioned, it will still get the job done.

Aurum Cables
25 Feet 3 Outlet Extension Cord – Indoor / Outdoor Use

These cords are decent for indoor use but are only good for limited outdoor usage. Available for a great price, these extension cords feature a three-outlet design in black or white.

The Aurum Cables are not a heavy duty cable and are very limited for outdoor use.

Coleman Cable
Welder Extension Cord

This is an industrial-sized extension cord that is mostly used outdoors. It comes with an extremely heavy duty quality and has molded ends as a safety feature.

It can be pretty stiff at the beginning so be aware that you might have to work it out.

If you’re looking for your next extension cord, give the ones above a try. Consult a professional electrician for any advice in regards to using electrical extension cords. If you find yourself using too many cords, talk to your electrician about installing additional outlets where you need power.

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Generators Installed by Beverly Hills Electrician

You would think living in the city, you wouldn’t need to worry about ever going without electricity, but it happens. You may lose power due to a planned blackout or Mother Nature may hit the area with a violent storm that caused the entire area to lose power. In some situations, the blackout can extend for days or longer if the damage was severe enough. If you would rather not live in the dark ages during an extended power outage, consider having a generator installed by a Beverly Hills electrician. The team at The Electric Connection can take care of the job for you in a professional, timely manner.

A standby generator is not the same as a portable generator. You won’t have to physically go out and start the equipment. You also won’t have to worry about running extension cords through windows or risking electric shock by trying to close a cord in a door explains an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners who choose the standby generator installation will barely notice a power outage at all. A switch is installed on the home’s main electric panel. The very second power is cut from the mainline, the generator will turn on and feed the house with electricity.

Your electrician in Beverly Hills can give you more information about the various sizes of generators available and what size you would need to run your house. If you are willing to get by with the bare basics, you can buy a smaller generator. The choice is yours. The generators typically run off gasoline, but you can buy generators that rely on propane. Having a large propane tank filled and ready to run the generator is going to give you power for weeks. If you would like to learn more about generators or have one installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with a Ceiling Fan says Burbank Electrician

If you are gearing up for a hot summer this year, one thing you will want to make sure you have ready to go is a ceiling fan. Having one of these very handy tools in your bedroom over your sleeping area and in the living area can make a huge difference in your comfort level. Let’s face it, when you are hot and miserable, relaxing or sleeping is impossible. No one likes to feel that way and a lack of sleep and ability to unwind can affect your daily life, including your ability to function at work. An electrician in Burbank is what you need so you can have a lovely ceiling fan this summer. The team at The Electric Connection is ready to help.
Ceiling fans need to be chosen based on the size of the room they will be going in. If the room you are planning on installing the fan in has vaulted ceilings, you will need an extension bar as well as a remote control. This allows you to control the speed of the fan as well as turn the light off and on from the couch or even while you are lying in bed. An extension bar brings the fan lower into the room for maximum effectiveness explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners will want to read the minimum and maximum square footage of a room the fan is designed for. You don’t want a fan that is too small that will be ineffective and you don’t want a massive fan in a small room that is unattractive.
You will enjoy the cool breeze the fan will create in the room. Using a ceiling fan can also save you some money on your electric bill explains a Burbank electrician. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your new ceiling fan installation before the warm weather is here.

Holiday Lighting 101 by Santa Monica Electrician

Tis the season to deck the halls, the lawn and anywhere else you can add a little holiday cheer in the brightest of ways. Bright lights, tall air-filled front lawn decorations and moving figures can really make a lovely show and propel your house to the top of the best decorated list. However, all of those awesome decorations require electricity. Your Santa Monica electrician wants you to be safe and have fun this holiday season and has a few rules when it comes to decorating. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any additional questions you may have.

1. If possible, use LED light strands. They are cooler, use a fraction of the electricity and you will really love how bright the LEDs are. You get more bang for your buck.
2. Never connect more than three strands together. You will end up with flickering lights or half strands in the middle of the string that don’t light up explains an electrician in Santa Monica.
3. Use the right extension cord for the job. Only use cords made for use outside in the lawn. Consider using one of the power strips made for the outdoors to run several lights and decorations.
4. If you are finding outdoor electric outlets to be in short supply, call an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can have more outdoor outlets installed around their lawn to make decorating a breeze and limit the amount of extension cords needed.
5. Consider putting your holiday lights and other décor on a timer. This ensures everything comes on at the right time and doesn’t inadvertently get left of all day or night.

Have a safe and fun holiday while making your house the best decorated on the block. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need some additional outlets to make your decorating task a little easier and safer.

Extension Cord Safety Tips by Burbank Electrician

This is the time of year we tend to pull out the extension cords in order to get ready for all of our holiday lighting needs. It is fun to decorate and to compete with the neighbors for the brightest house on the block, but it can be risky if you are not careful. These are a few tips provided by an electrician in Burbank that can help keep your home safe this holiday season as you light it up. If you have concerns, you can always call the team at The Electric Connection to ask for an electric inspection.

1. Do not run extension cords across your driveway where it will be ran over.
2. Only use the round outdoor cords outside. The flat cords are not properly insulated and cannot handle the outdoor weather.
3. If you find you are having to leave windows open a crack to plug in the cords, consider have new outdoor electrical outlets installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will appreciate how much easier it is to decorate with outlets readily available.
4. Always unplug the extension cords when they are not in use. Do not leave them plugged in and “live” with nothing plugged in to the cord.
5. Do not string more than one extension cord together. If one isn’t long enough, buy one that is.
6. Do not overload an extension cord by plugging in more than three strands of lights connected together.
7. For indoor cords, make sure the cords are not in a busy walk area. Never run them under rugs explains a Burbank electrician.
8. Do not use a cord that has visible signs of damage. Electrical tape around a frayed cord is not safe. Discard the cord and buy a new one.

Have fun and be safe decorating your home this season. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need more outlets or have electric safety concerns.

Rental Property Remodels by Los Angeles Electrician

Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment. For some, they have the ability to rent out a portion of their large home, a small house in the back of their property or even a basement over an area over a garage. This is an excellent way to pay the mortgage payment on your own home or to supplement your income. In order to attract your ideal tenant, you will need to have a space that is beautiful as well as functional. Looks matter and your electrician in Los Angeles can help you transform that dated space into one that is gorgeous and appealing to potential renters. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make that happen.

Adding a little paint and replacing the flooring in a room or apartment is one way to revamp the place. You can also make it look more modern as well as inviting by updating the lighting in the space. This is especially helpful if the apartment you are creating is on the small side or in a basement with low ceilings explains an electrician. Los Angeles property owners will want to look into some of the trendy styles, like recessed lighting for low ceilings and track lighting for spaces that can work with a single fixture that spreads over an entire space.

Along with lighting, ensuring there is enough power in the apartment is key. Most people will need numerous outlets in the kitchen for the various appliances and outlets in the living area for entertainment systems with many components. Your Los Angeles electrician can add additional outlets to ensure a tenant isn’t forced to use extension cords that can be a bit of a hazard when not used properly. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your rental property revamped.

Space Heater Safety 101 by Santa Monica Electrician

It won’t be long before you are dealing with chilly mornings. By the middle of the day, the sun warms everything up, but the mornings can start off a little cooler than is comfortable for some. It seems a little silly to fire up the furnace to take off the chill of a small area when it is only going to be switched back to the air conditioning side later in the day. This is why space heaters can be useful. Before you pull out the space heater that was tucked away a few short months ago, your Santa Monica electrician has some tips to make sure it is in good condition and safe to use. The team at The Electric Connection is on standby to answer any more questions you may have.

1. Check the cord from where it enters the heater all the way to the plug. Look for signs of fraying or any breaks in the protective coating. Don’t use a space heater that has a frayed cord.
2. It is best to plug a space heater directly into the outlet explains an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners should avoid using extension cords if possible. If outlets are an issue, consider having an outlet installed in the area where you need the heater.
3. Keep the space heater at least three feet away from the wall, curtains and furniture.
4. Keep the heater and the cord out of any direct pathways. This can help eliminate trip hazards and the heater being knocked over and potentially starting a fire.
5. Only use heaters that are in good working condition cautions an electrician in Santa Monica. The investment into a new heater is well worth it to avoid any serious safety concerns.

If you have any more questions or would like to have a new outlet installed to make your space heater usage more convenient and safe, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Backup Generators Explained by Burbank Electrician

Have you ever had to go without electricity? If you have done so when you are camping, it is a little different. Going without electricity in your home for a few minutes isn’t so bad, either. It is when a power outage extends on for hours or even days following some kind of major disaster or accident that things get to be problematic. If you would rather avoid sitting in the dark for more than a few minutes, you will want to consider investing in a backup generator explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners can get peace of mind and a sense of safety and security when they have a standby generator installed. The team at The Electric Connection can take care of the installation process for you and answer any questions you may have.

Standby generators are similar to portable generators in the fact they generate electricity. However, unlike a portable generator, they do not need to be wheeled out from a garage or shed. You don’t have to run extension cords to various appliances. The standby generators are a fixture of your home. They are hard-wired into your home’s main electric panel by a certified electrician in Burbank. When the power goes out, a switch will trip and generator will fire up on its own.

This means, if you aren’t home when the electricity goes out, you don’t have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling because you weren’t there to turn on the generator. The standby generators can be much safer because you don’t have to go out in inclement weather to fire the thing up as well explains a Burbank electrician. If you would like to learn more about this type of generator and what size you would need for your home, give The Electric Connection a call today.