Thunderstorm Safety by Electrician in Burbank

Spring brings plenty of wild storms to the area and hopefully with those thunderstorms, there will be lots of rain. When the dark clouds form, you can prepare for thunder and lightning and the possibility of a power outage. During a thunderstorm, there are some things you need to do to stay safe. Although lightning striking a person is rare, it does happen more often than you would think. Lightning can also come through phone and data lines into your house. An electrician in Burbank has some tips for you when it comes to staying safe in the next thunderstorm. You can always call The Electric Connection if you have any more questions.blog_electrician

If you are at home, take the following steps.

*Unplug any electrical appliances you won’t need
*Disconnect the computer from the DSL line if you have one
*Shut down and unplug computers, cell phones and laptops
*Close the blinds or curtains to prevent being cut from flying glass should a window shatter
*Do not take a shower or bath during a thunderstorm

You can have a whole home surge protector installed by a Burbank electrician to prevent the need to unplug appliances. The surge protector will prevent power surges from damaging appliances.

If you are outside, seek shelter if possible. Sitting in a car is safer than standing in the open. If you are in a boat or at the lake, get away from the water. Do not take shelter in anything that could be damaged by high winds. Do not go back outside for at least 30 minutes after you hear the last boom of thunder.

Teach the entire family what to do should a thunderstorm roll in and you are not home. Consider having a surge protector or back up generator installed by an electrician. Burbank residents can count on the team at The Electric Connection to answer any questions and complete a professional installation.

Power Outage Tips by Pasadena Electrician

lightbulbs (4)Cold weather and winter storms are often to blame for power outages. It seems like when you need your heater the most, it will be rendered useless by a power outage. The power may go out for a number of different reasons. An accident, a severe storm or mechanical failure are all possibilities. You never know what may happen. A Pasadena electrician has some tips for you to keep handy just in case the power goes out this winter. If you have any more questions, you can always call The Electric Connection.

• Unplug your small appliances, computers, Smart televisions, gaming systems and any other items that have sensitive electrical components. Leaving items plugged in could damage them when the power comes back on. A small power surge can fry the electrical components. You can reduce or eliminate this risk by having a whole home surge protector installed by an electrician. Pasadena residents can save themselves a great deal of money on damaged appliances with one of these inexpensive tools.

• Call the power company hotline to determine how long the outage is expected to last.

• Shut the doors to any rooms you are not using to keep the heat in one area. Put on extra layers of clothing to stay warm.

• Pull out flashlights and candles if the power outage happens in the evening. Emergency candles are different than the typical decorative candles and will put out more light.

• Instruct everyone in the house to leave the refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Your food will stay cold for 4 hours in the fridge and up to 24 hours in the freezer.

If the idea of dealing with a power outage does not thrill you, you could always invest in a standby generator. These handy tools will keep your home powered and allow you to continue on with your life without any interruption. Give The Electric Connection a call today to learn more.

New Shops Need Burbank Electrician

bigstockphoto_Chair_22955If you recently had a pole building or shop put up on your property, you are probably debating to have it powered with electricity or stick with a generator. There are clearly some real benefits to a shop having electricity. If you are simply using the building to store items, than electricity is probably not a major concern. However, if you are planning to use your shop to work on various hobbies or use it to repair vehicles, electricity is extremely helpful. You will need a Burbank electrician to go about completing the wiring process. You can depend on the team at The Electric Connection to help you make your shop complete with electricity.

Depending on the amount of electricity you need in your shop, you may need to have a sub-panel installed. This is something your electrician will discuss with you and advise you on. If your home is already using the majority of the breakers available in your existing panel, you will need an upgrade or an additional panel installed to run the shop. The size and type of the tools you will use in the shop will influence your decision.

Once you have decided on the electric panel situation, the next stop is to discuss outlet placement with your electrician. Burbank shop owners can decide how many outlets they need in the shop. You may even need a 240-volt outlet to run certain heavy machinery or to plug in a Level II electric car charging station. These are all options for you to consider when you make the decision to hire an electrician. Lighting is yet another element you will want to think about. Typically, a single fixture is installed along the ceiling and then several lamps will be used to illuminate specific work areas. If you would like to discuss running electricity to your new shop, give The Electric Connection a call today.

5 Tips to Prepping for a Power Outage by Electrician in Burbank

Sometimes, nature gets a little wild and shakes things up for us. We get so used to our normal routines and typically daily lives, that when we are faced with a wild thunderstorm packed with high winds, large hail and lightning, we forget what the aftermath of one of these storms is like. It isn’t until we are forced with things like wind damage and power outages that we are suddenly forced to deal with a major interruption in our seemingly normal lives. An electrician in Burbank wants to help you prepare to deal with one of these events so it is not quite as big of an interruption. You can count on the team at The Electric Connection to provide you with valuable tips about dealing with power outages.

1-Take the time today to gather flashlights and batteries. Don’t wait until a power outage happens. Keep the flashlights in a safe place that every member of the household can easily access.

2-Post the emergency outage number in a conspicuous spot i.e. on the refrigerator, next to the phone or on a corkboard. You will want to call the hotline to get an idea of how long you can expect the outage to last.

3-Show each member of the household which electronics should be unplugged from the wall in the event of a power outage. This will prevent sensitive electrical equipment from being damaged when the power surges back on.

4-Educate your family about why it is important to keep the refrigerator doors closed when the power goes out to ensure the fridge and freezer maintain their temperatures for as long as possible without power.

5-Consider having a standby generator installed by an electrician familiar with Burbank electrical standards.

Being prepared can make all the difference when a power outage strikes. If you would like to learn more about what you can do today to prepare for an outage, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Power Outage Preparation Makes Life Easier Says Santa Monica Electrician

Being prepared for anything is nearly impossible, but you can be prepared for some of the little eventualities in life like a power outage. If you are prepared for the outage it is a lot less inconvenient than if you were taken completely off guard. Power outages happen for numerous reasons. Most of the time the outages are not long in duration, but there are times the outages can be extensive and your life is sorely interrupted. An electrician in Santa Monica has some advice for you to follow before an outage happens so you can be ready to deal with the aftermath. At The Electric Connection, you will find a team of knowledgeable electricians who can provide you with service to deal with any electrical problems caused by an outage. There are times appliances malfunction after a power outage. You can prevent this from happening by having a whole home surge protector installed.

You can also prepare for the lack of lights by putting a couple of flashlights along with extra batteries in a safe place that you can easily find when the lights are off. A kitchen drawer, a nightstand table or near the front door are all good places. Along with flashlights you will want to have a supply of emergency candles along with matches or a lighter. Don’t forget to keep candleholders handy as well. If you are not comfortable with using candles or relying on flashlights, you can talk with a Santa Monica electrician about installing a standby generator.

Keep the phone number of the power company handy as well. Most power companies will have an emergency number. This is the number you would call to find out how long the outage will last. If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about generators or surge protectors, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Electrician Santa Monica Gives Tips To Prepare For a Power Outage

No matter why it happens, it is annoying. The power does go out on occasion and while you may want to contact an electrician in Santa Monica like Electric Connection, you will have to spend some time without power. However, if you prepare ahead of time and keep these tips in mind, dealing with a loss of power will be just an annoyance, not a major issue.

  • Create an emergency kit – This can include items like a flashlight, radio and batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, blankets and items to pass the time.
  • Prepare for your needs – If you need certain medication or rely on equipment for life-support, make certain you prepare ahead. You may even be able to contact your utility company and make sure your home is treated as a top priority in case of an outage.
  • Know a good water source – Think about things like ice that could melt, water hidden in a water heater or pipes in your and other places that you may not immediately think about.
  • Keep food safe – If the power goes out, try not to open the fridge or freezer if possible and the food will last longer. After the power comes back on, remember—when in doubt, throw it out.
  • Be cautious if you have a generator and do not run it in wet conditions. This will help you avoid electric shock.
  • Protect yourself from drastic temperatures. In cold weather avoid getting wet and in hot weather dress as cool as possible and stay out of the sun.
  • Know when to say when. You may not want to leave your home during a power outage, but if you are dealing with a long term outage, you may be safer and more comfortable in an emergency shelter.

As you can see, there are many ways you can prepare yourself for a power outage. One of the best is to talk with the experts at Electric Connection, the electrician Santa Monica residents rely on to help them during a power outage or for installation and repairs.

Santa Monica Electrician – Considerations when You Lose Power

Whether it is from storms or a fault in your home’s wiring, when the power goes out life gets difficult. Hopefully, you are able to talk to your Santa Monica electrical company and power is restored quickly. However, it is important to prepare yourself for the worst. Consider the following tips to make your next power outage more bearable. In the meantime, contact a Santa Monica electrician, such as The Electric Connection, to see if there are improvements you can make to your home’s wiring system to reduce the chances of a power outage.

Power Outage Tips

  • Avoid using candles during a power outage; a flashlight is much safer.
  • Keeping a battery-powered radio handy and listen to local programming. This can allow you to track the weather and prepare safety measures.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment that you were using when the power fails. This prevents a power surge when the power returns.
  • Try to avoid opening your freezer or refrigerator. This keeps the food within at a lower temperature.
  • Do leave one light turned on, so that you know when the power comes back.
  • Do not run a stand-alone generator in your home or garage—only use a properly installed outdoor generator.

Prepare Ahead by Keeping the Following Items on Hand

  • Flashlights
  • A portable radio
  • Batteries for flashlights and radio
  • A supply of fresh, bottled water
  • A small amount of food that does not require refrigeration or electricity to prepare—canned goods are an excellent choice.

If you are ready to make changes to your home’s electrical system, call the expert electrician in Santa Monica—The Electric Connection. You can also reach the company by searching for “electrician Santa Monica” and visit the website at .  One of our experts will be happy to discuss your power options.

Pasadena Electrician – Benefits of a Residential Generator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were to lose power in your home? For most people, the inconvenience would be enormous. Food spoils, temperature control is an issue, security devices fail and you may even lose access to certain methods of communications. A certified Pasadena electrician can help you prevent these issues by installing a residential generator.

What is a Residential Generator?

A residential generator safeguards your home from the perils of power failure. It is on standby until the time you need it. It operates on natural gas or propane energy and kicks in when the main source of electricity is interrupted. It is a good investment for those who would not be able to handle an extended period of time without electricity. An electrician in Pasadena, such as one from The Electric Connection, can explain more about the benefits.

How Does the Generator Activate When Needed?

The generator is installed by a Pasadena electrical contractor through an electrical transfer switch. The switch “watches” the home’s energy source. When there is an interruption, the switch signals the generator, which in turn activates. When the main power is reconnected, the switch once again signals the generator—this time to shut off. The switch makes certain there is never more than once source of power to your home.

Choosing a Generator

Searching the web for electrician Pasadena to find someone to talk about your generator needs is the best way to go about choosing a generator. It is important to remember that generators come in different sizes, so depending on the square footage of your home, you may need a larger or smaller generator than someone else needs.

If you think a generator may be the right choice to solve your home’s power problem, call The Electric Connection or visit us at  to talk to a Pasadena electrician about your options today.

Electrician Santa Monica – Using a Portable Generator

Even though they won’t be able to provide full power to your home in the event of an extended power outage, there are many practical uses for a portable generator. Depending on what you do in your free time, you may be surprised at how many parts of the country do not have electricity that is easily accessed. A portable generator can help ensure that you have access to electricity, even when you want to spend time outdoors. If you need to take electricity to an area that has no electrical outlets, then a portable generator is one of the best routes to go. Here are a few ways to use your portable generator:

Tailgating – Many tailgating locations do not have electrical outlets that are easy to access. To solve this problem, just bring your own generator along. You can place your generator in the back of your truck so that you have all the power that you need to keep your television, satellite dish and any other electrical devices going for the entire game.

Camping – Even if you like to rough it for most of your trip, having access to electricity while camping can be very handy. This way, you can charge your phone and use any electrical devices that you may not have brought if you did not have access to electricity.

Emergency Backup Power – Though portable generators are not designed to provide long-term emergency power, they can be great to have around when power is lost. You will need to keep your portable generator outside of your home so that you do not vent combustible gases into your home. You can still, however, bring lines of power into your home to keep essentials such as lighting and refrigeration going for a short period of time.

Portable generators are good to have, because you can take them with you to provide power wherever you need it. They are not stationary, and do not require the assistance of an electrician in Santa Monica such as The Electric Connection to set up and start using. Give us a call if you have any questions about standalone or portable generators.

Glendale Electrician Explains – What Exactly Is a Standby Generator?

The majority of all homes and businesses get their electricity from the local electric grid. Although this is very convenient, it can be a burden whenever there are issues that cause either a short-term or long-term outage. Extreme weather, for example, can leave your home without power for days or even weeks. While this is annoying for everyone, it can be dangerous under extreme temperatures or for anyone who needs to keep medical or other vital equipment running at all times. You also run the risk of spoiled food as a result of your refrigerator no longer running.

A standby generator is a device that was developed to make sure that you still have electrical power at your home or business whenever the electricity from the utility company has failed. Rather than placing all of your faith on the traditional electric grid, these generators allow you to get electricity by burning a fuel such as natural gas, diesel or propane. Depending on the size of your standby generator, you can expect your generator to work for several hours, or even days at a time. Your only real limit is the source of your fuel. If you have to stop and refuel your generator constantly, you must keep in mind that you only have a finite fuel source that may be difficult to replenish. If your generator hooks directly into your natural gas utility, you can likely run the generator continuously.

In most cases, an electrician in Glendale will connect your standby generator directly up to your electrical panel. A transfer panel is used to detect whenever there is a power outage. Whenever this occurs, your generator is designed to turned on automatically so that you have very little loss of power. To learn more about standby generators, or to talk about having one installed, call one of our technicians at The Electric Connection. You can also learn more at our website